Inflatable Mannequins
I bought one of your inflatable mannequins and your trade show stand a few months ago to display my handmade ponchos at my craft show booth and take pictures of them for my website. I really love it! It's lightweight and compact, which is important to me because I have to haul everything in my display across grassy terrain. I can quickly inflate and deflate it when I have a new poncho to photograph, so my kids don't have a chance to mess with it. I'm really glad I got the inflatable mannequin instead of a dress form, even though it meant I had to endure a few weeks of blow-up doll jokes from my husband. After I sold things I'd photographed on the mannequin, he didn't make any more jokes! I got so much eye traffic on the poncho I displayed on the mannequin that I think I'll get another mannequin for my big three-day show in June!

Sarah Natividad
Curious Workmanship

The torso forms were great [at the trade show]! Not only did they help us sell some ties, but they generated a lot of interest of their own. (Although we initially planned to put shirts on them, we found that putting the ties directly on the mannequins made a more striking visual statement; this also allowed people to see the mannequins' construction, and they were great "conversation starters.")
I expect that we'll get a lot of good use out of your mannequins over the next several seasons.
--Brian, Tascot Ties

I received my order and just love the female mannequin. I am a lover of female Victorian & Edwardian clothing and display the vintage clothing extensively in my home... I have purchased mannequins before but of course the clothing just does not fit the modern size mannequins, so I had to resort to the very expensive foam sort and cut them to size! ... I had just purchased a wedding dress and this is the most marvelous mannequin! I just blew it up and fastened up the dress and then continued to blow it up for a perfect fit!! Your mannequin has saved me time and of course a great deal of money!


Anyone in the clothing industry should have these!
--Rhyders Street Wear
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